Welcome to the GeoConnected Project

Understanding geographical connectivity in the United States. This project computes and visualizes the shortest travel time, considering driving and flying, between any county and any other county in the U.S.

Details on the project, including methodology, are available in the project report. Please send feedback to geoconnected@cs.wpi.edu.

Hovering over a county shows principal city and name. Clicking on a county shows the mode of transportation to reach other counties. An isochrone map, showing the travel time to each location, can also be accessed.

Maps of Connectivity

These maps show summary values on the level of connectedness (average one-way travel time) for each county in the U.S. Four maps are available showing connectivity for geographical area or population based on continental 48 or all 50 states.

Geographical Area Connectedness for Continental 48 States

Geographical Area Connectedness for 50 States

Population Connectedness for Continental 48 States

Population Connectedness for 50 States

Airport Catchment Areas

This map divides the U.S. into regions based on catchment areas of airports by showing the primary airport used for air travel from each county to the largest segment of the U.S. population.

Primary Airport for Each County